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Cake molds 

Cake molds

In this section "Cake Molds" we offer you a big range of cake molds in different materials such as stainless steel, tart molds in a non-stick material, but also plastic molds for yule-log or other frozen desserts. We have all the essential cake molds as well as stainless steel rings, plain or micro-perforated stainless steel for professinal use. Déco'Relief recommends from the range Aerosols-Sprays (in "Raw Materials") to use the grease in spray Décomoule for easier and regular work, but also the professional pastry tools for a neat work, to be found in range " Pastry Tools" (in "Raw Material").

  • Cake molds in silicone

    Cake molds in silicone

    Discover our selection of silicone cake molds for cakes, tarts, madeleines, petits fours and other pastries. Large choice of shapes and sizes allows you to pick up the one you need. Made of food-graded material, flexible, non-stick and resistant, the cake mold in silicone can be used in the oven as well as in the fridge, from -40°C to +260°C. For an easy unmolding, we recommend to grease your mold with the spray Décomoule before the first use.

  • Silicone mats

    Silicone mats

    If you need a silicone mat or baking sheet in silicone for your pastries, Déco'Relief has a big range of professional quality and resistant to use pastry silicone mats : non stick material, with or without edge, smooth or with relief, plain or micro-perforated silicone or even special mat for macarons, whatever is the one you need you'll find it here. ALl the mats are made platinium silicone to be used from -40°C to 260°C, for freezing or baking.

  • Cake molds in Antiadhesive Metal

    Cake molds in Antiadhesive Metal

    Déco'Relief created a special range of cake molds in non-stick metal : "Cake Prestige", cake mold ultra resistant up to 240°C, covered with non-stick higly efficient coating. Many of the possible models of cake molds from this range have a removable bottom for an even easier demolding. There are also metalic standard molds, but also specific molds such as fluted mold or wedding cake molds with removable bottom. For easy unmolding use our spray Déco'Moule (Section Aerosol Spray). For a neat work, Déco'Relief offers you a range of plastic or stainless steel cutters for a perfect and neat cut of your mini and small tarts; we also have a big choice of pastry rolls in the section "Pastry cutting and tools".

  • Stainless steel pastry rings

    Stainless steel pastry rings

    Please discover our very large range of stainless steel rings : tart rings, mousse rings, freezed desserts rings, vacherin or parfait rings, micro perforated stainless steel rings or plain stainless steel rings; rings of many different diameters, heights and forms, so as to have enough choice while searching for your new pastry creations. Use your stainless steel tart ring on a silicone mat for better grip and perfect baking of your pies' bottom; use the stainless steel rings with micro perforated mat for even better spread of the heat.

  • Frames in Aluminium with Stainless Steel Tray

    Frames in Aluminium with Stainless Steel Tray

    Set of 3 stackable aluminium frames of 10, 15 and 20mm heights, one stainless steel tray and one aluminium ruler; for creation of desserts on several layers of different flavors. The ruler helps you to smooth the surface but also to reduce of 5mm the thickness of a layer thanks to its 5mm higher pattern on one of its edges. For the demolding of your dessert after freezing or deep freezing, use shortly the heat gun on the edges of the frames.

  • Plastic Molds for Yule log and Freezed Desserts

    Plastic Molds for Yule log and Freezed Desserts

    Here is our selection of plastic molds for Yule log desserts and other freezed desserts, as well as food-grade silicone molds or stanless steel molds for Yule Logs. These molds will help you to create desserts, cakes or jellies of original and lovely shapes. These molds are perfect to use for mousses, Bavarian cake, ice-cream desserts, Yule logs etc. Thermoformed plastic molds are reusable for frezing or deep freezing and demolding is very easy. To decorate your freezed dessert or Yule Log, use the Velvet Sprays on the previoulsy freezed dessert.

  • Thermoformed Plastic Sheets

    Thermoformed Plastic Sheets

    For the creation various and original surfaces of your desserts, yule log desserts, ice-creams, chocolates and creames, think of the plastic thermoformed sheets that will make your creations unique. The thermoformed plastic sheets are made of food-grade material and very useful for shiny chocolate decorations. You can also cut the sheets according to the needed size of your molds for desserts or yule logs, in order to obtain a surface with design. Other designs are also available in Silicone Mats for Pastry or Silicone Mats for Yule log desserts.

  • Verrines Plastic Glasses

    Verrines Plastic Glasses

    Here you'll find a fine selection of transparent plastic verrines, for beautiful arrangements for your coctails, receptions, weddings, catering events etc. Plastic glasses and more, easy to be filled with a piping bag and pastry tube for a neat work and presentation on cake displays for any kind of events.

  • Cupcakes Paper Trays

    Cupcakes Paper Trays

    Discover our selection of paper cupcakes trays to dress your small cakes. Made of special kabing paper and available in many different colors, with or without dots; these cupcake trays are in spacial baking paper to be used up to 180°C or in aluminium according to the models. The cupcake trays can be used as cupcake molds for direct cokking in them. Decorate your cupcakes with icing or fondant or butter cream dressed with piping bag and pastry tube special for cupacakes.

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