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Cake molds in silicone 

Cake molds in silicone

Discover our selection of silicone cake molds for cakes, tarts, madeleines, petits fours and other pastries. Large choice of shapes and sizes allows you to pick up the one you need. Made of food-graded material, flexible, non-stick and resistant, the cake mold in silicone can be used in the oven as well as in the fridge, from -40°C to +260°C. For an easy unmolding, we recommend to grease your mold with the spray Décomoule before the first use.

  • Silicone molds size 295x170mm

    Silicone molds size 295x170mm


    These molds are in non-stick material, resistant and machine washable, so you can use them for cooking as well as for freezing. A silicone mold in size 295x170mm will become an essential tool for your petit fours and small cakes or tarts. Our silicone molds in size 295 x 170 mm are made of platinium silicone, suitable for pastry plates or gastronome plates and from -40°c to 260°c. For an easier demolding grease the mold before its first use with the spray Déco'Moule.

  • Silicone molds for Cakes

    Silicone molds for Cakes

    The molds in silicone for cakes are made of non-stick, very resistant and machine washable silicone. Your can use them for freezing, but also for preparations in the oven. The silicon molds big models will become essential in your kitchen, for cakes, tarts, pizza or other pastries. Being made of food-grade platinimu silicone, you can use these molds from -40°c to +260°c. For an easier unmolding, spray some of our demoding agent Déco'Moule before the first use of the mold.

  • Silicone molds size 600x400mm

    Silicone molds size 600x400mm

    There are 2 ranges of silicone molds for cakes, size 6000x400mm : PavoFlex and Decoflex PRO 60x40. These molds will make easier your daily work and allow you to achieve petits fours et small cakes in no time. Made in food-grade non-stcik silicone, these cake molds allow you an easy demolding. With more than 150 shapes, youa re sure to find the one you need. Our silicone molds size 600x400m are in platinimu silicone and can be used from -40°c to +260°c. You should grease the molds before the first use with our demolding agent Déco'Moule so as to guarantee you an easy demolding. These molds are with registered designs.

  • Silicone Molds PavoFlex

    Silicone Molds PavoFlex

    The range of cake molds PavoFlex size 400x300mm is made of molds in platinium silicone to be used from -40°C to +260°C and wich sizes were specially studied for home oven. These molds have the same professional quality but and are suitable for pastry plates of 600x400mm. Create petits fours and small cakes and tarts in no time, just grease the mold for its first use with our demoulding spray Déco'Moule. The designs of these molds are registered.

  • Cake Silicone Molds PavoCake

    Cake Silicone Molds PavoCake


    The cake molds from the range PavoCake will make easier your work, thanks to the plastic tray that holds 6 individual silicone molds. The cake molds PavoCake (except the plastic tray) can be used either for cooking or for freezing. They are also available by unit. Made in black platinium silicone, these molds can be used from -40°c to + 260°c, and are part of a set with a tray in injected palstic 60x40cm for frozen desserts. To unmold even easier, spray the silicone mold before the first use with our demolding agent Déco'Moule. The deisgns of these molds are registered.

  • Silicone molds for Ice-cream and Ice-shot

    Silicone molds for Ice-cream and Ice-shot

    The silicone mold ice-shot designed as a glass, you can prepare glasses in ice so as to use as glass and ice at the time (perfect solution for party evenings, because no need to wash) but also cups in salted or sweet biscuit pastry in order to bring an original touch on your desserts or other presentations (perfect for catering events). According to the design, the silicone molds for Ice Cream will help you to create ice-cream sticks or frozen cookies. THese molds are in food-grade silicone and can be used for cookign or freezing, from -40°c to +260°c.

  • Silicone Molds Sphere Desserts

    Silicone Molds Sphere Desserts

    Use a silicone mold for 3D sphere desserts in order to create sumptuous frozen desserts, puddings, ice-creams, sorbets or spheres. The molds are composed of 2 parts in food-grade silicone and so help the demolding. The silicone mold for 2D spheres can be used with pipping bag and pastry tube. It's a mold to be used in freezer or deep-freeze and is machine washable.

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