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Chocolate Transfer Sheets 

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Transfer sheets with food colorings. To create original and personalized chocolates you will find the necessary in our range of  transfer sheets : chocolate transfer sheets or ready-to-use finished chocolate decorations, transfer sheets for joconde biscuit or personalized thermoformed sheets and silicone chablon with your own logo, message or poker cards, you have very large choice. Find our ready-to-use finished chocolate decorations in the range Ready-to-use Chocolate decorations (section : Decorations for cakes).

  • Transfer sheets for chocolate

    Transfer sheets for chocolate

    With the transfer sheets for chocolate, create unique and original chocolates thanks to the transfer sheets for chocolate specially designed for decorationg your chocolates and make chocolate decorations for your cakes. Transfer sheets for chocolate are used as transfer printing, just pour the tempered couverture chocolate on the sheet and let harden the chocolate. To obtain smooth and shiny chocolate decorations use our range of couverture chocolate.

  • Transfer sheets for Magnetic chocolate molds size 265x126mm

    Transfer sheets for Magnetic chocolate molds...

    Make original and personalized chocolates in no time, thanks to the transfer sheets for the magnetic chocolate molds with size 275x165mm. Put the chocolate transfer sheet between the mold and its magnetic stainless steel plate and then pour the chocolate. For shiny and smooth result use the range of couverture chocolate Barry. These chocolate transfer sheets for magnetic molds are specially designed and cut at the size 265x126 adapted to the mold 275x135mm.

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