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Chocolate molds for Easter subjects 

Chocolate molds for Easter subjects

Discover our range of thermoformed plastic molds for chocolate Easter subjects. Hen, egg or rabbit in chocolate, to obtain smooth and shiny chocolate subjects for Easter use Barry couverture chocolate. Cover the ready chocolate subjects with layer of Varnish Déco'Spré for better preservation and even more brilliant surface of your chocolate.

  • Polycarbonate Molds for Eggs

    Polycarbonate Molds for Eggs

    The range of polycarboonate molds for chocoalte eggs is easy to use and clean. The mold for chocolate egg can be used on flat surface to make easier the filling but also colored with thin layer of colored cocoa butter before pouring the chocolate or sprinkled with some metallized powder coloring, so as to obtain colored and personalized chocolates. 

  • Thermoformed Molds for chocolate eggs

    Thermoformed Molds for chocolate eggs

    Discover our range of thermoformed plastci molds for chocolate eggs. Made in food-grade plastic, the thermoformed molds for chocolate eggs gives a brilliance to your eggs to make of couverture chocolate. The molds for chocolate egg are of different designs, from classic to very modern, but you can decorate the surface of your ready chocolate egg with our colored cocoa butter or metallized powder coloring or with real gold fakes and glitter.

  • Plastic molds for chocolate Eggs Big Sizes

    Plastic molds for chocolate Eggs Big Sizes

    The mold for chocolate egg big size is an essential mold to have for Easter, the chocolate egg in big size will suit perfectly your showrooms and showcases. The plastic molds for big size eggs are sold in half eggshell. Together with chocolate animals as hen and rabbit, our molds for Easter subjects will allow you to create attractive and unique artistic pieces in chocolate. Use our colored cocoa butter in spray or with chocolate gun to guarantee regular and beautiful surface for your chocolate creation. 

  • Plastic molds for chocolate Bells

    Plastic molds for chocolate Bells

    To create beautiful Easter bells in chocolate, try our molds for chocolate bells. Made in food-grade inected plastic, the molds for chocolate bells can be colored before pouring the chocolate with metallic powder colorings. Varnish after demolding the ready chocolate bell with Déco'Spré so as to be sure of long preservation and great brilliance.

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