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Chocolate molds Objects 

Chocolate molds Objects

All the chocolate molds for objects are in our range of thermoformed plastic molds, very useful to make chocolate boxes for your macarons or chocolates made the polycarbonate molds. The chocolate molds for objects are to be used with tempered couverture chocolate and to color with our food oil-based powder colorings.

  • Chocolate molds for Various objects

    Chocolate molds for Various objects

    Find many design of chocolate molds for various objects, in injected or thermoformed pastic, such as football or chocolate box, hearts and violins that can serve as chocolate box too. Make your chocolate objects in Barry couverture chocolate to melt and temper in our chocolate dipping machine.

  • Chocolate molds for Decorations

    Chocolate molds for Decorations

    Our chocolate molds for decorations are made if thermoformed food-grade plastic and allow you to create roof or fence for house in chocolate to create from a Easter egg in chocolate thanks to our plastic molds for chocolate eggs. Use Barry couverture chocolate. 

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