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Plastic Molds for Chocolate 

Plastic Molds for Chocolate

Déco'Relief offers you a large range of plastic molds for chocolate available in injected plastic or food-grade silicone to help you create chocolates, candies, small chocolate decorations. There is also magnetized plastic mold to use with chocolate transfers and create decorated chocolates with our printed transfers or just 3D chocolates. The chocolate molds in silicone are flexible and can be used in the oven or in the freezer with other material than chocolate. Create your chocolates with our range of couverture chocolate of Barry so as to obtain shiny and smooth candies.

  • Noeuds de Buches
  • Plastic molds for chocolate Classic designs

    Plastic molds for chocolate Classic designs


    Here you will find our big range of chocolate molds of injected plastic. The plastic mold for chocolates is very easy to use, quick to demold and to clean. THe plastic mold for chocolates will give extreme shining of your chocolate creations. For succesfull and easy hand filling of your plastic mold use Déco'Relief's piping bags and tubes, and for shiny chocolates and chocolate decorations use guitare sheets or rhodoide sheets.

  • Plastic molds for Chocolate Bars

    Plastic molds for Chocolate Bars

    Create your own chocolate bars, thanks to the many different shapes of injected plastic chocolate molds and our selection of Barry chocolate. Many shapes and sizes available, with different weights according to the 2 sizes of mold available 275x135mm or 275x175mm. You can melt and warm the chocolate in Déco'Relief's dipping machines.

  • Plastic Molds for Cards

    Plastic Molds for Cards

    Thanks to the injected plastic mods you can create a pack of cards or business cards in chocolate and decorate them with the chocolate transfer sheets. Don't hesitate to contact us for personalized transfer sheets with your company's logo or contact details and thus surprise your clients with personalized business cards in chocolate.

  • Magnetized Plastic Molds for chocolate

    Magnetized Plastic Molds for chocolate

    To create original chocolates you should use our range of magnetized chocolate molds of injected plastic. Composed of 2 parts (base of injected plastic with magnets and magnetized plate of stainless steel) our magnetized plastic mold is useful for simple chocolates (shiny and smooth thank sto guitar sheets or rhodoid sheets) or personalized chocolates through the chocolate transfer sheets to sliede between the base and the stainless steel plate.

  • 3D Magnetized Plastic Molds for chocolate

    3D Magnetized Plastic Molds for chocolate

    3D Magnetized Mold in injected plastic is the perfect mold for making fruits in chocolate (filled or empty) or in marzipan. Make 3D spheres or diamonds, filled or empty in the 3D magnetized plastic molds for chocolate in 3 parts. The injected plastic molds are easy to mold and demold, ultra-resistant and make very shiny chocolates. To color the surface of your chocolate fruits, use the coloerd cocoa butter, velvet effect colors and and spray them with the set of compressor and chocolate gun.

  • Thermoformed Plastic molds for chocolate decorations

    Thermoformed Plastic molds for chocolate...

    The plastic molds for chocolate decorations are made of thermoformed or injected plastic and are specially designed for creating chocolate decorations fo Easter, Christmas, hearts of Saint Valentin or yule log bows. The chocolate decorations made with the thermoformed or injected palstic molds are used for decorating cakes, yule log dessert or any other pastry. The thermoformed plastic molds are to be used with Barry's couverture chocolate so as to obtain smooth and shiny chocolates and chocolate decorations, but also for filling of Easter eggs or subjects thanks to our Chocolate molds.

  • Plastic Molds Relief plate for chocolate decorations

    Plastic Molds Relief plate for chocolate...

    With our plastic molds relief plate you can create chocolate decorations for your birthday cakes, yule log desserts for Christmas or frozen desserts. You can use 2 different colors of chocolate, one for the base and another for the design and so give a very special design to your chocolate decorations. The plastic relief molds are made reusable and are very good option instead of the chocolate transfer sheets, in particular for medaillons or message labels in chocolate such as "Happy Birthday" for exemple.

  • Silicone Molds for chocolate Choco-Décoflex

    Silicone Molds for chocolate Choco-Décoflex

    The silicone molds for chocolate Choco-Décoflex is a flexible mold in food-grade silicone for chocolate candies, but also sugar candies, fruit jellies, ice cream etc. The silicone molds for chocolate are resistant from -40° to +260°C and is the mold you need to easily create chocolates. Size of the mold is 215 x 106mm. To color your ready chocoaltes use the colored cocoa butter or powder food colorings with our chocolate gun.

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