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Silicone Molds Lollipops 

Silicone Molds Lollipops

Discover our range of silicone molds for lollipops and accessories and create lollipops in sugar, chocolate, nougatine or caramel. You can also create your own "home made" sweets and candies. In the section silicoen molds for lollipops and accessories, you'll also find lollipop sticks, pacakaging and small packets. Think to chose coloring and concentrated flavour in the section of Raw materials and Ingredients.

  • Molds for Chocolate Lollipops

    Molds for Chocolate Lollipops

    Here you'll discover a large range of molds for chocolate lollipops. Made in theromoformed or injected food-grade plastic, these molds are useful to create brilliant chocolate lollipops. Your can fill your lollipops with a ganache and color the surface with the oil based colorings or already colored cocoa butter.

  • Magnetized Molds for Chocolate lollipops

    Magnetized Molds for Chocolate lollipops

    Create simple chocolate lollipops or decorated with printed transfer sheets, and this with one and same mold in injected plastic with magnetized base. The magnetized mold for chocolate lollipops is made of 2 parts : 1 mold of injected hard plastic with very strong magnets and 1 magnetized stainless steel plate. With this mold you can easily create chocolate lollipops personalized or decorated thanks to the chocolate transfer sheets.

  • Molds for Sugar Lollipops

    Molds for Sugar Lollipops

    Here is our big range of molds for sugar lollipops, made in silicone resistant to temperatures from -40°C to +260°C. These molds are perfect for use with sugar but also with chocolate; non-stick and flexible, the silicone molds for lollipops are easy to use and demold. To make a sugar lollipop, use pastry fondant, glucose and sugar, but also airbrush colorings and concentrated flavours or natural flavours.

  • Accessories for Lollipops

    Accessories for Lollipops

    Discover our selection of accessories for lollipops helpful for home made lollipops : lollipop sticks, small packets, lollipop displays, but also cocktails skewers for candy brochettes for your receptions and catering buffets and aperitif. FOr a better benefit of these lollipop accessories, chose the necessary Raw Materials for the making of your lollipops in the sections Food Ingredients and Special Sugars.

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