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Material and tools for sugar work 

Material and tools for sugar work

Our complete range of material and tools for sugar work allow you to create sugar decorations or artistic pieces in sugar. Material and tools are used for work with pulled sugar on the special table for sugar with the lamps for sugar; to work poured sugar; to work blowed sugar with the traditional sugar pump; to create any other kind of aritstic sugar pieces. Find also the food colors and the famous Isomalt sugar "Le Magnifique" in the section Raw Material and Ingredients for Pastry.

  • Table & suitcase for sugar work

    Table & suitcase for sugar work

    To start and work just as professional pastry chef, Déco'Relief offers a whole range of material for sugar work : table for sugar work or even suitcase for sugar work. Small cases with the very essential tools and material for the trainee or complete tables and suitcases for the professional chefs with more experience at pulled and blowed sugar work. Visit also the sections Silicone molds 3D and Silicone molds for pastry decorations, you will find silicone molds very useful for the creation of artistic pieces in sugar. 

  • Accessories and tools for sugar work

    Accessories and tools for sugar work

    Specialist of the sugar work and especially in creation of artistic sugar pieces, Déco'Relief offers the essential accessories and tools for sugar work, pulled sugar, blowed sugar or poured sugar : gloves, thermometers, sugar pump, plastic or silicone sheet for sugar work and many more by visitng also the section of Pastry Tools.

  • Prints Magyfleur, Magydecor, Magyrelief

    Prints Magyfleur, Magydecor, Magyrelief

    The sets of prints Magyfleurs,Magydécors,Magyreliefs, allow you to easily and quickly create flowers in sugar, leaves and decorations in sugar or small decorations in chocolate. Make simple and delicate pastry decorations without any special technique of pulled sugar. Just dip the prints Magyfleur in melted sugar or chocolate. Complete your creations of poured sugar with our silicone molds or parts in chocolate created with our chocolate molds.

  • Sugar cooking

    Sugar cooking

    Sugar and Isomalt cooking needs to be done in specific material : induction plate and stainless steel pans for induction will be perfect for cooking sugar. Other essential tool such as thermometer for confectioner can be foun din section Accessories and Tools for sugar work.

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