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Pastry tools 

Pastry tools

In the range Pastry tools you will find professional pastry tools to bake, cut, whip, whisk, garnish, decorate : rolling pin, stainless steel wisk, pastry bag or pipping bag, professional spatula etc. A big choice of pastry tools of high professional quality for an easy work; the right tool for any kind of pastry raw material. 

  • Pastry bags & tubes

    Pastry bags & tubes


    Pipping bag and Pastry tube : pastry bag used by professional pastry chefs, disposable or in silicone; very big choice of pipping bags to use for cupacakes, macarons, choux or garnishing, but also pastry tubes for decorating in Royal Icing (in section Decorating Pastry) your bithday cake, wedding cake, cupcake or pie. 

  • Spatula, Whisk, Brush and small tools

    Spatula, Whisk, Brush and small tools


    Spatula, Whisk, Brush and small tools to spread with a stainless steel spatula, mix with a stainless steel or plastic whisk, brush with silicone rbushe, scrub with plastic or silicone scraper. Use our silicone mats as base while working with the small pastry tools. 

  • Stainless steel or silicone whisks

    Stainless steel or silicone whisks


    Stainless steel or silicone whisk for kitchen or pastry work, professional quality and competitive prices; no stripes and good handling. Use with our silicone bottom bowls for better grip and isolation of the mix from the working surface's temperature.

  • Rolling Pin

    Rolling Pin

    The rolling pin is one of the essential tools to have in kitchen and to use in pastry. Rolling pin with handle or not, is used to spread a sugar paste for special cake design creations or wedding cake decorations. The rolling pin is made of different materials, with special design on it or not, could spread or cut a pastry (sugar, almond, chocolate) and it's helpful for many different pastry receipts. 

  • Thermometer and other misuring instruments for pastry

    Thermometer and other misuring instruments for...


    Thermometer for cooking or sugar work, spatula with inegrated thermometer and other misuring instruments for pastry work, sugar concentration, hygrometry of your pastry laboratory.

  • Pans and Kitchen containers

    Pans and Kitchen containers

    Déco'Relief presents very useful pans and kitchen containers for the making your pastry mixes. Special induction pan, plastic bowl with silicone non-slip base, stainless steel tunnel with piston or plastic tunnel; all these kitchen containers together with the pastry tools as spatulas, wishes, scrapers etc. will allow you to succeed your pastry creations.

  • Tools for Cake Design and Pastry Carving

    Tools for Cake Design and Pastry Carving

    You are passionate about cake design or pastry carving, find few useful tools for cake designa and carving on wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, cupcakes or other personnalised creations. Plastiline, edible glue  and other ingredients or raw materials especially dedicate to cake design and carving. 

  • Ganache frames and Plastic Rulers

    Ganache frames and Plastic Rulers

    Frames and plastic rulers will allow to prepare ganache and other pastries in regular layers or different colors for each layer. A set of several rulers to spread thin and delicate cookie biscuit on a silicone mat or couverture chocolate on a plastic guitar sheet.

  • Plastic Rule-Stencil

    Plastic Rule-Stencil

    To decorate the round of your freezed desserts or the surface of a wedding or virthday cake, yule log desert use a plastic ruler-stencil. The stencils are used for decorating surfaces in sugar paste, icing or even to color with an airbrush and liquid airbrush colorings.

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