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Raw Materials and Ingredients 

Raw Materials and Ingredients

Sublimate your cakes, wedding cakes and other delicious dessert thanks to our whole range of pastry ingredients and decorations. Professionals and pastry lovers can choose beyond thousands of concentrated or natural flavours, colorings, spices, vanilla pods, chocolate for covering, food additives, glucose syrup, icing and topping,....to make tasty preparations. Cake designers can create and model exceptional cakes with our complete range of sugar and modeling pastes, almond pastes, powders for decoration in lace.... Colored food pens, food paints, edible glitters or confetti and sugar decorations will help you make a unique creation. Deco'Relief propose you all the raw materials you need for your greedy pastries!

  • Flavours and Savours

    Flavours and Savours

    Improve the flavours and savours of your pastry and chocolate creations. Food liquid flavours for pastry, concentrated flavours or natural flavours; fruits, flowers or more original flavours; also colored and flavoured food pencils to decorate plates or pastry with savours of coffee or pistacchio. Discover also our new range of spices and natural vanilla essential for your dishes and desserts for any event.

  • BARRY Chocolate

    BARRY Chocolate


    Chose the chocolate Cacao BARRY from the exceptional selection of chocolates of high quality cocoa beans. Barry Chocolate gives you the possibility to make various chocolate creations thanks to a big range of couverture chocolate : prepare chocolate cakes, chocolate subjects, ganaches, mousses, cookies, ice creams. Barry Chocolate can be used for chocolate candies or chocolate subjects and objects. Déco'Relief presents you all the essential ingredients, raw material and tools for work with chocolate. Pastry chefs or chocolate lovers, chose among the chocolates in bar or in pistoles, use our injected plastic moulds for chocolate candies or thermoformed moulds for various subjects for Christmas or Easter.

  • Dried Fruits - Fruits du Chef

    Dried Fruits - Fruits du Chef

    Dried fruits, almond powder, dried grape and other sesame seeds or pine nuts are available in this range. Essential ingredients or raw material, the dried rfuits from the range Fruit du Chef exist in various sizes, so as to make easier your choice for the preparation of any receipt of cake with dreid fruit or dried grames. In the range Fruits du Chef you can find also extra-fine almond powder and starchy sugar for successful French macarons ( work the macarons on the pre-scored sites to avoid that 2 macaron shells touch each other while baking).

  • Food Coloring

    Food Coloring

    Déco'Relief's range of food coloring is very big and suits all the pastry chefs and other professional chefs : water-based liquid food colors, water-soluble food powder color, oil-soluble food powder color, natural food color. To color the srufca of the ready subject or the preparation itself, chose the right coloring accordingly : for chocolate or cocoa butter, for sugar paste, pastry fondant or artistic pieces in Isomalt sugar Le Magnifique, but also food colors for pastry like macarons, mousses, freezed desserts and other preparations. For simple and direct coloring, think of the food colors in spray, in gel or pencils available in many colors. Food pastry colors at the ebst price. Visit also our range of Food flavours

  • Food additives and special sugar

    Food additives and special sugar

    For the very special needs of the pastry chefs and fans, Déco'Relief has special sugars and food additives, pastry sweeteners and a range of icing and topping. For even special technique of work or artistic pieces in Isomalt sugar "Le Magnifique" you will find geltin and special pectin. On the wesite of Déco'Relief find also all the professional material and tools to help you with the high technical nature of sugar work : tools for artistic sugar work, silicone molds for artistic sugar pieces, food colors of professional quality.

  • Various raw materials for Pastry Decorations

    Various raw materials for Pastry Decorations

    Materials for pastry decoration, cake designs on your weddingcakes or cupcakes and popcakes, the professional quality Deco'Relief Sugar Paste will be, thanks to its elasticity and flexibility, perfect to cover your wedding cakes. Other materials for pastry decoration are also available such as plastic chocolate, almond paste or gumpaste. Déco'Relief also offers you the new lace paste for your weddingcake, cupcake and all cake designs. All these decorative pastry materials can be colored with water-soluble powder food colors or liquid food colors and flavored with the Deco'Relief food flavors. A wide range of materials for cake design and therefore the work of the sugar paste and the assembling of weddingcake is proposed in the section Pastry Material and tools and pastry cutters and other tools for the work of the sugar paste or other pastry decorations in the section pastry tools for cutting.

  • Sprays


    The range of food sprays for pastry decoration is composed of food varnish for shiny effect and protection of humidity for almond paste subjects or chocolate creations; of metallic food colors for surface decoration of pop cakes or chocolate subjects; of velvet effect sprays for coloring your cold desserts; real god sprinkles in spray or demolding oil in spray and freezing sprays.

  • Real Gold and Silver

    Real Gold and Silver

    To decorate and add a luxury touch of your pastries, chocolates and desserts use the edible real gold flakes or real gold sprinkles or real gold leaves and real silver flakes or real silver leaves. Subtle and noble, food gold has no taste and will enhance the decoration of your meals, starters or desserts very delicately. Real gold and silver can be applied with a brush, can be sprinkled or sprayed. Various packaging are available : set of 5 or 25 sheets of food real gold, sprinkles of of real gold or real silver in 300 or 1000mg, flakes of real gold or silver.

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