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Flavours and Savours 

Flavours and Savours

Improve the flavours and savours of your pastry and chocolate creations. Food liquid flavours for pastry, concentrated flavours or natural flavours; fruits, flowers or more original flavours; also colored and flavoured food pencils to decorate plates or pastry with savours of coffee or pistacchio. Discover also our new range of spices and natural vanilla essential for your dishes and desserts for any event.

  • Organic Natural Aroma

    Organic Natural Aroma

    With our new range of organic aromas, give a fruity taste to your preparations of desserts, pastries, confectionery, savory recipes and sugars with a subtle and very natural taste.

    100% natural aroma from organic farming. Organic flavors represent the highest quality in terms of raw materials for natural flavors. Made in France.

  • Natural Food Flavours

    Natural Food Flavours

    For pastry preparations needing natural ingredients, Déco'Relief developped a range of natural food flavours in very useful size of 30ml.  The very essential classic flavours to enhance your pastries exist in handy size : basic fruit flavours as raspberry or pistacchio, also flower flavours as violet, rose or orange blossom. In the range of natural ingredients Déco'Relief has also natural food colors for a 100% natural pastry mix.

  • Concentrated Flavours

    Concentrated Flavours

    Déco'Relief offers a complete range of concentrated flavours for cakes, dessert,toppings,ice-creams, macarons, sweets....Only few drops of those concentrated flavours will enhance the taste and smell of your preparations. You can choose among irresistible sweetened or salted flavours, to give an exotic, spicy or greedy touch to your ganaches, creams,fine chocolates ... From strawberry or vanilla flavours to hot pepper , mango or poppy flavours....all available in 125 ml bottles or 1L and 5L on demand.

  • Ready-to-use mixes for cakes and pastries

    Ready-to-use mixes for cakes and pastries

    Ready-to-use cakes and pastries mixes allow you to make delicious desserts quickly. Pastries will have no secrets for you, using these preparations for cupcakes, pastry cream preparations, dough preparations. Pastry preparations allow you to save time and create delicious homemade pastries. Powdered cake mixes are already pre-dosed to obtain an optimal and greedy result. You can flavor your cake mixes with our food flavors, or color pastry mixes with our food colorings.

  • Spices and Vanilla pods for Pastry

    Spices and Vanilla pods for Pastry

    In addition of the range of concentrated flavours and natural food flavours, Déco'Relief has also a counter of spices with rich range of high quality spices for pastry, chocolate or catering needs : tonka beans, yuzu powder, vanilla pods, but also spices for salted dishes like Espelette pepper and the famous and strong Kampot pepper; spices that can also be used in ganaches and chocolate candies.

  • Concentrated flavoured paste and fruit puree

    Concentrated flavoured paste and fruit puree

    For pastry preparations, ice-creams and desserts use Pistacchio paste, coffee extract or fruit puree in your mousses, sauces, coating or freezed desserts. We selected the best concentrated paste, pistacchio paste and fruit purees, like the fruit passion puree of Ravifruit. Use the concentrated flavoured paste and fruit puree for freezed desserts or chocolates together with the spices from the section Flavours and Savours Déco'Relief.

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