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Food additives and special sugar 

Food additives and special sugar

For the very special needs of the pastry chefs and fans, Déco'Relief has special sugars and food additives, pastry sweeteners and a range of icing and topping. For even special technique of work or artistic pieces in Isomalt sugar "Le Magnifique" you will find geltin and special pectin. On the wesite of Déco'Relief find also all the professional material and tools to help you with the high technical nature of sugar work : tools for artistic sugar work, silicone molds for artistic sugar pieces, food colors of professional quality.

  • Sugar Isomalt "Le Magnifique"

    Sugar Isomalt "Le Magnifique"

    For artistic work and pieces of sugar Isomalt, pulled sugar, poured sugar, blown sugar use the Isomalt "Le Magnifique", an unavoidable ingredient for fans of artistic sugar creations. It's simple and ready-to-use product with very good preservation. Available in various packaging according to your needs : 1kg, 5kg, 15kg or 25kg. To avoid a sugar Isomalt too fragile add a little bit of glucose and creme de tartre that you will find in the section "Other Food Additives". Think to visit also the section of Tools and Material for sugar work, and the section of the food colors recommended for sugar work (Intenses colors in powder or liquid colors special for sugar).

  • Special Sugars fo pastry decoration

    Special Sugars fo pastry decoration

    Pastry being more and more technical, Déco'Relief has a range of suagr and sweeteners for pastry creations, Isomalt for cake decorations or artistic pieces in sugar or pastry fondant, glucose or fizzy sugar. Mix the special sugars directly in your cake decorations or freezed desserts, add glucose in the sugar Isomalt for less fragile bases or just sprinkle icing sugar on your pastry. Find also other possible decorations in sugar or chocolate in the section "Cake Decoration"

  • Other food additives

    Other food additives

    A whwole range of food additives is available for any receipt and newest pastry, cake, cake design or food decoration. Not only gelatin and setting agents, special sugars for pastry decoration, but also antioxidant, acidifying, preservatives, thickener, stabilizing, coating agent. The food additives like food glue or calcium chloride are very useful, for example to allow longer preservation to sugar artistic pieces agains humidity, chocolates, sugar paste creations.

  • Gelatin and setting agents

    Gelatin and setting agents

    Gelatin and setting agents are used in pastry, but also in catering and cold meats. Déco'Relief offers gelatin of various sources : bovine,porcin or fish, the gelatin is presented in leaves or in powder or bloom. We have gelatin and other setting agents like pectin or agar-agar powder (végétable gelatin) as well as additives recommended in the receipts of many professional chefs. All these food additives with setting power allow you to obtain firmness and consistency of your preparations, but the choice of acidity, thermo-reversebility and preservation method of the gelatin and setting agents is very important. We recommend the range of food colors Les Intenses and food flavours your jellified preparations.

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