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Food Coloring 

Food Coloring

Déco'Relief's range of food coloring is very big and suits all the pastry chefs and other professional chefs : water-based liquid food colors, water-soluble food powder color, oil-soluble food powder color, natural food color. To color the srufca of the ready subject or the preparation itself, chose the right coloring accordingly : for chocolate or cocoa butter, for sugar paste, pastry fondant or artistic pieces in Isomalt sugar Le Magnifique, but also food colors for pastry like macarons, mousses, freezed desserts and other preparations. For simple and direct coloring, think of the food colors in spray, in gel or pencils available in many colors. Food pastry colors at the ebst price. Visit also our range of Food flavours

  • Water-soluble concentrated colors

    Water-soluble concentrated colors

    The colors from the range 'Les Intenses" have been created in cooperation with Stephane Klein, best specialist of pulled sugar. These powder colors are water-soluble and high concentrated to serve for artistic sugar pieces in Isomalt "Le Magnifique" or the coloring of your cakes, pastries, macarons, pastry fondant for éclair, mousses. As water-soluble powder colors, the Intenses colors should not be used with raw materials as chocolate or cocoa butter, that will rather need oil-soluble colors to find in our range of gloss food colors.

  • Liquid colors for airbrush

    Liquid colors for airbrush

    To color your subjects in almond paste, sugar paste or gumpaste use an airbrush and the colors especially created for it. The liquid colors for airbrush are used to color lollipops created in our silicone molds or even to color the mix itself when made of sugar paste, gumpaste, almond paste, cookie or pastry fondant. Many cake designers are already using the food colors for airbrush in their creations as wedding cake, rainbow cake, cupcake or popcake, because these colors are easy to use and of high power of coloring : few drops are enough.

  • Water-soluble Natural colors

    Water-soluble Natural colors

    The water-soluble Natural colors are used with any pastry preparation. The natural food colors are non azo, powder colors, allowing their use in every mix. The natural origin of these colors is the reason of slight taste according to their origin, so we advise your to test before using in big quantities, elaborating your receipt or just chose the powder colors of range Intenses.

  • Food color in Gel

    Food color in Gel

    The food color in gel is the newest possibility to color preparations of sugar paste or other gumpaste, cookie, butter cream, easy to mix and to measure. Packed in tube of 25gr, the food color in gel is concentrated and you use smaller quantity for coloring your mix. The color in gel allows good interaction with preparations such as macarons (to note that the avised black color for macarons is the special set of high concentrated powder color). The food color in gel are useful for coloring white sugar paste, flower paste or white gumpaste, white fondant and especially for cake design decorating (wedding cake, cupcake etc.)

  • Liquid colors for Sugar

    Liquid colors for Sugar

    The liquid colors for sugar are used mostly for coloring sugar or Isomalt "Le Magnifique" while working artistic pieces The liquid food colors are alcool based and thus allowing quicker evaporation from the sugar. Put the colors at the end of the sugar cooking in order to obtain bright and unchanged color. For sugar lollipops, pour the sugar in the special silicone lollipop molds and use preferably the liquid water-based colors for airbrush.

  • Food colors in Pencils

    Food colors in Pencils

    Déco'Relief presents a large choice of pencils with food colors to write or decorate your cakes in sugar paste, gumpaste, flower paste or marzipan. Even on small surfaces as gumpaste flowers, the food colors pencils exist in many colors and models, standard or metallic, mat or shiny. The food varnish in small bottles are applied with a brush for an opaque coloring. For finishing works on your decorations think to varnish with the food varnish in liquid or in spray Déco'Spray.

  • Metallic colors

    Metallic colors


    The food metallic powder colors are the best to use for the decoration of your pastry and are an essential element for trendy creations. Food colorings with metallic and iridescent or pearl effect to color surface or part of yoru Easter chocolate subjects, candies or pastry and to give shiny effect to your icing and mirror glazing. The metallic powder colors are used with a brush in powder or diluated in alcool; directly on the ready chocolate subject or chocolate candy or on the mold just before pouring the chocolate. The Metallic colors exist in powdre but also in spray in the range Sprays of Déco'Relief together with real gold or silver sprinkles in the range of Food Gold and Silver for those searching for a luxury touch on their pastry.

  • Fat-soluble Chocolate colors

    Fat-soluble Chocolate colors

    To color cocoa butter or chocolate preparation for spraying with chocolate gun on subjects, Easter eggs or other chocolate creations,use exclusively fat-soluble colors. The food fat-soluble chocolate colors are in powder and exist in packaging of 100gr for the professional chefs and 20gr for smaller productions. You can also chose the ready-to-use colored cocoa butter to spray with our compressor set for chocolate spraying or even the Sprays Perlé Velours to find in the section Sprays.

  • Colored Cocoa Butter

    Colored Cocoa Butter

    The colored cocoa butter is a ready-to-use mix of cocoa butter and oil-soluble chocolate colors. You have just to warm it in micro-oven or bain-marie or heat chamber and then spray it with electric chocolate gun or apply with a brush. To obtain a velvet effect on the surface of your chocolate creations, just spray the colored cocoa butter with chocolate gun, thanks to the set of chocolate compressor. Think to put the subjects in the freezer few minutes before coloring them with the colored cocoa butter. For even easier use, use the Velvet effect Colored Cocoa butter in Sprays (to find in the section Sprays) and for bigger volumes to color use directly the oil-soluble chocolate colors.

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