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Various raw materials for Pastry Decorations 

Various raw materials for Pastry Decorations

Materials for pastry decoration, cake designs on your weddingcakes or cupcakes and popcakes, the professional quality Deco'Relief Sugar Paste will be, thanks to its elasticity and flexibility, perfect to cover your wedding cakes. Other materials for pastry decoration are also available such as plastic chocolate, almond paste or gumpaste. Déco'Relief also offers you the new lace paste for your weddingcake, cupcake and all cake designs. All these decorative pastry materials can be colored with water-soluble powder food colors or liquid food colors and flavored with the Deco'Relief food flavors. A wide range of materials for cake design and therefore the work of the sugar paste and the assembling of weddingcake is proposed in the section Pastry Material and tools and pastry cutters and other tools for the work of the sugar paste or other pastry decorations in the section pastry tools for cutting.

  • Sugar paste

    Sugar paste


    The sugar paste Deco'Relief for cake decoration is made from sugar, glucose syrup and sunflower oil. Soft and with good elasticity, the sugar paste allows to cover wedding cakes, cupcakes and other pastries and cakes. The white sugar paste is available in several packaging and can be colored with our liquid food colors, natural colors or intense powder colors, after diluting them in a little bit of water. Plastic chocolate, on the other hand, is an alternative to sugar paste, because its chocolate taste is more greedy. The plastic chocolate makes allows to cover the pastry because it remains flexible for 24 hours, but it can also be used to create decorations because it hardens after this delay. Just like the pastillage and the gumpaste, the sugar paste and the plastic chocolate can also be crafted like food dough to create your little characters with our plastic cutters, our pastry cutters and all the small material essential for Cake Design.

  • Gumpaste



    The pastillage and the gumpaste, real food play dough, are used for the creation of decoration for your wedding cakes, birthday cake or cupcakes. Perfect for cake design because the pastillage and the gumpaste will be flexible under your fingers and then harden and the result is lasting decorations. The white versions can be colored by mixing with colors or only in surface thanks to our food airbrush colorings or intense colors or metallic colors or with our range of food varnish and food pencils. For a quick creation of flower petals, think also of the flower press of Déco'Relief and the pistils or stems of the flowers. Discover also ready to use bunches of gumpaste flowers, just visit the section Gumpaste Flowers in our family Cake Decoration.

  • Pastry Icing and Topping

    Pastry Icing and Topping

    Déco'Relief presents a range of pastry icing and topping for entremets, tarts or cakes in packaging of small size (1kg) for an optimized preservation. The essential icings and toppings have been gathered together in this section: chocolate glaze / mirror glaze, neutral glaze or neutral topping, strawberry topping or apricot topping for your pies but also pastry fondant for your cupcake topping or topping for eclair pastry. To color your pastry fondant or your neutral glaze use the range of colors Les Intenses and add flavor from our range of Food Flavours. To create a velvet effect on your desserts combine topping and our Perlé Velours sprays.

  • Candy Melts
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