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Secure payment

Online payment by credit card: new safety standard "3D Secure"

The two card networks Visa and MasterCard / Maestro have developed a standard for their cardholders:
"3D Secure" standard in addition to the standard SSL security transfer via HTTPS.


3D Secure : what is it?

This is an international solution enabling secure card payments on Internet thanks to an authentication of the buyer at the moment of payment. " 3D Secure" concerns payments with National credit cards, MasterCard and Visa.


3D Secure : Why?

Internet commerce is growing tremendously and payment security must be strengthened in older to prevent possible fraud and to further increase trust in card payments. Banks have adopted and implemented a security solution for Internet payments based on the protocol "3D Secure" developed by Visa ( Verified by Visa ) and MasterCard (MasterCard Secure Code).

With this solution the customer's bank authenticates the bearer when paying on a merchant website.

3D Secure : comment ça marche?

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