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General Sales Terms and Conditions

This website is edited by the company Deco Relief, with a capital of 150 000€, registered at Dijon’s trade companies register, under the number RCS Dijon B 382 966 158. The headquarters address is 5 Allée de Bonvaux at Talant 21240. Tel,Fax

The present general sale terms apply exclusively to the on-line purchases made by a consumer below mentioned as "the customer" on the website www.deco-relief.com , below mentioned as «the website», in the context of distance-selling regulations.


1st ARTICLE – General Principles

We try our best to update the information published on this website of which we reserve the right to adapt or to modify at any time and without advance notice.

The order implies an acceptance of our general terms of sale. The parties agree that the contract is subject to the French law. The general terms of sale are in French and in English.

DECO RELIEF supplies to the costumers the major characteristics of the marketed products (composition, description, price). These characteristics appear in support of the photography illustrating the offer. Photos illustrating products do not enter the contractual field because of the treatment of the photography.


These general terms of sale can be modified by DECO RELIEF, every orders being regulated by the current conditions in the day of his signing.


2nd Article – Products

Products proposed for sale are the ones present on the website, in the day of the website consultation by the customer, within the limit of the available stock.

However the pictures are not contractual. They are submitted only for information purposes for the consumer.

The customer has the possibility of contacting DECORELIEF to obtain further information, at  export@deco-relief.fr  or by phone at +333.

In case a supplier would modify a product, the graphic display of this one could not engage the responsibility of DECO RELIEF nor even affect the validity of the sale.

Knowledge of the products

It is up to the Customer to know the characteristics of products corresponding to its needs. The Customer admits to be informed that photos illustrating the site are not contractual.

Conditions of use of the products

The Customer is committed to use the product only for his/her own needs according to his contractual destination. The Customers is committed to use the Product with all the precautions of use. The Customer is committed neither to change nor to remove a mark or registration appearing on the Product. The Customer is committed not to prejudice, directly or indirectly or through third associated party, the intellectual property rights of DECO RELIEF or of its suppliers.


3rd Article: Products prices

The prices of the products present on the website are valid at the time of their consultation by the Customer. The charged prices are the ones current at the time of the signing of the order. The prices are in euros. The prices on our website are net prices. The inclusive VAT is the French VAT.

The sale prices of the products which appear on the website are indicated all tax included in Metropolitan France and except tax for export.

The expenses of delivery are chargeable to the customer. Delivery cost depends on real size and weight of the packed order and will be confirmed by the export department by email or phone.

In the hypothesis of a delivery of the product outside metropolitan France, the customs taxes and the formalities are in the exclusive responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise specified.

The customer makes then a commitment to verify the possibilities of import of product ordered with regard to the territory of the country of delivery.

In case of orders towards a country other than metropolitan France, the Customer is the importer of the concerned products. For products sent out of European Union and FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENTS AND TERRITORIES, the price will be calculated automatically exclusive of tax on the invoice. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or taxes of State may be due. These rights and amounts do not come within the competence of DECO RELIEF. They will be chargeable to the customer and are of his/her full responsibility, both in terms of declarations as payments to the authorities andor the competent bodies of his country. The Customer is exclusively responsible for expenses and taxes resulting from the purchase of products. No discount will be granted.

DECO RELIEF advises its customers to inquire local authorities about these points.


4th Article: Orders

The minimum order is fixed to 250€ (excluding delivery cost). The products are proposed within the limit of available stock. Products and services proposed on the website are available while stocks last. The discounting of stocks does not engage the responsibility of DECO RELIEF.

Order confirmation

According to the law of March 13th, 2000 on the validity of the electronic signature, the validation of an order is made by checking the cell "I read the general terms of sale and I accept them" and by clicking on the button "validate my order" (double click procedure). This validation constitutes an electronic validation, which has between the parties the same value as a handwritten signature and is worth proof of the entire order and pay ability of the sums owed pursuant to the aforementioned order.

The orders made on the website www.deco-relief.fr  and www.deco-relief.com are firm and definitive for the customers from the validation of the order (double click procedure) or from the reception of any document stating an order.

However, the costumer benefits of a right of withdrawal fourteen days from the reception of the last product.

This retraction is made with the slip of retraction annexed to the order form or to the invoice as regards of the distance sales.

Article 121-21-3 of the Code of the Consumption: the costumer will have to support the direct cost of return of products by post, in case of retraction on behalf of the customer.


After validation of the payment, the order is considered accepted by DECO RELIEF. DECO RELIEF will confirm the acceptance of the order to the Customer by e-mail. This confirmation can serve as proof in case of contesting.

This confirmation, or where necessary, the non acceptance of an order, will be confirmed to the user at the latest 72 hours (working days) after the reception of the order.

DECO RELIEF simultaneously makes the debit of the account at the acceptance of the order. In case of refused payment by credit card, and unless otherwise specified, the payment will be represented within 7 days.


5th Article – Delivery

Products are delivered to the delivery address indicated during the process of order within deadlines indicated on the page of validation of the order.

External specialists of the home delivery assure the delivery.

The delivery deadline is 1 to 2 weeks after validation of the order.

The customers who wish an express delivery in Metropolitan France will have to contact our sales department to know the modalities.

Absence during the delivery

In case of absence during the delivery, a transit advice note from the carrier is put down in the mailbox inviting the customer to remove the parcel at the closest post office from the delivery address. The parcel of the customer will remain pending 15 days in the post office. After this deadline, it will be sent back to the sender. In this case, the customer will have to pay the expenses of forwarding of the parcel if he asks for a new sending.


Reception of the parcel

During the delivery, the customer will have to verify the state of the packaging of the parcel and the content of the order according to the delivery slip and open the parcel in the presence of the carrier.

If the parcel or the product is damaged, the customer has the possibility of accepting or refusing the parcel.

In both cases, the customer has to check the state of the parcel and emit reserves on the delivery note.

Article L133-3 of the Commercial law and article L121-105 of the Code of the Consumption:

The customer has a deadline of complaint with the carrier of 3 days, not including public holidays that follow the reception of the parcel, to notify to the carrier by judicial special act or by registered letter any damage or partial loss.

The customer will also have to let the company knows by email at export@deco-relief.fr  

After this deadline and/or without emitted reserves the customer cannot dispute the damage undergone by the parcel and/or the products.

Delay in delivery

In case of delay, the customer will have to get in touch with the customer service by email at export@deco-relief.fr  or by phone at 0033.


This complaint will allow DECO RELIEF to proceed to an investigation with the carrier, which can last no more than 21 working days.

During this deadline, if the product is found, DECO RELIEF will reroute the product to the delivery address indicated during the order.

On the other hand, if the ordered product is not found at the end of this deadline DECO RELIEF will proceed to a new shipping of the concerned product, the delivery fees being chargeable to DECO RELIEF.

According to legal requirements, in case of delay of delivery, the customer benefits from the possibility of cancelling the order in the conditions and the modalities defined in the article L138-1 of the Code of the Consumption: except indication or agreement on the delivery date DECO RELIEF makes the delivery without inexcusable delay at the latest thirty days after the conclusion of the contract.

Articles L138-2 and L138-3 of the Code of the Consumption: in case of negligence of DECO RELIEF in his obligation of delivery, in the expiration of the deadline planned in the article L 138-1 (above), the consumer can cancel the order by registered letter or in a dated writing.

The order is considered as solved in reception by DECO RELIEF of the dated writing unless the delivery is meanwhile made. When the order is cancelled in these conditions, the consumer is paid back of the entire sum paid within fourteen days according to the date of cancellation.



Before any product return, the customer has to get in touch with the customer service at export@deco-relief.fr to obtain precision on the procedure of return.

Any complaint must be sent to export@deco-relief.fr. The Customer will verify the conformity of the received products. In case of non-conformity of the received products, the customer will express it by e-mail or fax to DECO RELIEF. DECO RELIEF undertakes to exchange the product or to pay back the entire sum paid to the Customer after return of the product within 14 days from the reception of the returned goods (L138-3 and L121-4 of the Code of the Consumption).

Every product which would have been damaged, or whose original packaging would have been damaged, will be neither paid off nor exchanged.

-Misdirection of the delivery


A return of the parcel of the customer with the mention « do not live in the indicated address » can be connected to a typing error of the delivery address by the customer at the time of the recording of its order


In this case, if the customer wishes to maintain his order, he will have to indicate to the customer service his corrected delivery address and pay the expenses of delivery of this new shipping.

If the customer wishes to cancel his order, the complete refund of the order and the initial delivery fees will be made upon receipt of the goods, under the condition that the goods are in good condition, in their original packaging, new and not used.


In case of error during the preparation of the order or during the delivery by the post office, if the customer wishes to maintain the order, this one will be sent back free of charge.

7th Article – Responsibility

DECO RELIEF is responsible for the good execution of the obligations resulting from the concluded distance contract. These obligations are to execute by the company itself or by its subcontractors, without prejudice to its right of appeal against those ones.

DECORATION RELIEF could not be held responsible for the non-fulfillment of the contract further to the emergence of a case of absolute necessity or for natural disasters in particular floods or fire.

The total or partial impossibility to use products in particular because of incompatibility of the equipment can give right to no compensation, refund or implication of the responsibility of DECO RELIEF, except in a case of latent defect according to articles 1641 in 1648 and 2232 of Civil code, or in case of non-compliance, imperfection or the right to withdraw.

It is expressly reminded that, in application of measures of the articles 1642 and 1645 of the Civil code, the seller is not responsible of visible vices and the buyer of which was able to convince himself.

According to the article 1648 of the Civil code, the action resulting from crippling vices must be instituted by the buyer within two years as from the discovery of the vice.

According to articles L 211-4 and L 211-13 of the Code of the Consumption, the professional and thus the DECO RELIEF company has to deliver the good as per order and to answer existing defects of conformity.


8th Article – Freedom of information

DECO RELIEF reserves the right to collect the personal data concerning its customers.

It is necessary for the management of the order as well as for the improvement of the services and information that are sent.

The information asked to the customer is necessary for the processing of the order and can be communicated to the contractual partners of DECO RELIEF involved within the framework of the execution of this order.

Those information and data are also kept for purposes of safety to respect the legal and statutory obligations.


The customer can write to the company DECO RELIEF to apply for its rights of access, rectification towards the information concerning its person and appearing in the file of the company DECO RELIEF, in the conditions planned by the law of January 6th, 1978.

9th Article - Rights and disputes

The parties agree that the contract is subjected to the French law and that only the French courts are authorized for these disputes.

It is also advisable that in case of a potential dispute, the parties will make every effort to find an amicable solution.

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